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Banking for modern businesses.

Intelligent Financial Ecosystem

A high-tech, secure bank-grade network. 

Banking made for your business

Straightforward banking for businesses of any size!

Easy Registration

Fast and easy business registration


Access your account anywhere in the world

Affordable Banking

Enjoy affordable business banking with no hidden costs

Your Money

Blueberry is regulated as a EMI in Lithuania, part of the European Union. Your money is subject to strict rules that protect your business. 


Our system has been designed to prevent fraud and keep your money safe. 

Accept Card payments!

With the world going cashless, every business needs a payment solution! 


Accepts payments as a standalone device with a sleek touchscreen. 8 hour battery life allows you to accept payments on the go


The Sumup Air uses the free SumUp App to accept payments. Process over 500 transactions on a single charge!

SUMUP 3G POS - €129

Offer receipts on-the-go and keep your reader always payment-ready and fully charged with the included printer.

Standard plan

SumUp Air

Medium plan

SumUp Solo

Premium plan

SumUp 3G POS





Built In Sim Card

SMS & Email Receipts

Contactless Payments

Chip & Pin Payments

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Free Sim and Mobile Data

Charging Station

Print Receipts

Smartphone Connection

Payroll Payments.

 Cost effective, real-time and secure. 

Happy Employees with Blueberry

Give your employees prepaid cards under their name

Endless Possibilities 
for your staff


Pay Salaries directly to their Digital Wallet & Mastercard.

Private Banking

Every Blueberry account and digital wallet is 100% Private

Payout Solutions

Unique and powerful payout solution for your business and staff

Ready for a better way to pay your staff?

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