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A multipurpose account designed for everyone.

Digital Wallet 

- Person-to-person payments with no fees
- Pay registered online merchants directly
- Receive payments from online merchants directly
- Load Blueberry cash e-vouchers.
- Saving Wallet


- Chip and Pin Security
- Spend in-store and online securely
- Alternative personal card
- ATM cash withdrawal
- Accepted Worldwide
- No monthly fees
- Linked to your IBAN current account

Virtual Mastercard

- Issued Instantly upon registration
- Secure online payments
- No monthly fees
- Linked to your IBAN current account
- Great for online spending 

Personal IBAN

-Send and receive through SEPA
- Send and receive through SWIFT
- No monthly fees
- SMS/Push notifications
- Access to the global banking network 

Personal IBAN

Immediate access to your IBAN account number. Send and Receive SEPA payments to and from all EU banks.

Maximum Security

Greater security with Blueberry Ultra. Keep your money safe and your banking private.

100% Secure

We protect our customers’ accounts, ensuring your information and money is safe and secure with us.

Keep Your Money 100% Private.

What you do with your money is up to you. Keep your account information safe with Blueberry Ultra.

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