Instant Transactions

Secure against Fraud

No Chargebacks

Low-Cost Processing

Easy API Integrations

Mobile & Web Access

What you get!

Blueberry has built its very own “closed loop transactional platform”! A high-tech, secure bank-grade network that puts you in direct contact with online Merchants and Blueberry account holders.
This intelligent Financial Ecosystem establishes a direct transactional relationship between Blueberry Users and Blueberry Merchants, offering users multiple benefits and services with the bilateral flow of funds in real time at the most cost-effective rates.

Instant Payouts

Using the closed -loop platform, Merchants can make E-Wallet payments to their customers instantly and at competitive rates.

Improve your Loading Channels

Simplify how your customers load their online account, by accepting the Blueberry E-Money voucher and or direct payments via their E-wallets, and enjoy the cheapest digital loading rates!

Cash Flow Optimization 

Our Blueberry solutions provides the merchant real time access to their own funds, allowing you to do instant settlement, instant loading from the same float of funds. Making cashflow management a simpler task.

Embrace the Future of Payments

The FinTech Revolution is well underway and here to stay! Keep on top of your game and accept digital payments directly from the Blueberry Platform. We have built our payment services to allow Merchants to stay in control of their funds at all times.

Improved Customer Experience

Having a unique payment method catered to your business activity dramatically improves your clients user experience, which creates brand loyalty and confidence in your business.

No chargebacks

It’s time to say goodbye to chargebacks. All the funds in the Blueberry System are prepaid. Coupled with our state of the art remote transaction authentication technologies, ensures that all transactions are approved by both parties and funds are always available to be settled instantly.

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