Welcome to Blueberry Ultra

Blueberry is proud to delight you with the, Ultra spending experience. Load with cash, debit card or bank transfer and use anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Benefits of using Blueberry Ultra:

Step 1

Activate your Blueberry Wallet.

Step 2

Load your wallet and order your Blueberry Ultra card.

Step 3

Get the Blueberry Mobile app and activate your card.

Ultra Product

After you complete the registration, you can request an IBAN, E-wallet, Mastercard, and Virtual Card. The Blueberry solution helps you simplify money management and make it more efficient. Blueberry Ultra transforms the way customers can take control of spending of their own funds. Ultimately, it’s all about giving power back to the people.

Physical Mastercard

Purchase your very own Mastercard now and spend no matter what part of the world you’re in. With blueberry ultra, the sky's the limit! Safe, secure and under your control.

Virtual Mastercard

Gone are the days for awaiting your physical Mastercard. Start spending online instantly Just link your virtual card to your personal smartphone and you're all set.


Nothing matters more to us than our customers security and privacy. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to protect our customers’ accounts, ensuring your information and money is safe and secure with us.

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